North Star Community Credit Union has adopted the following privacy policy for our young members (12 and under) and other visitors to the kid's section of our website. If you have questions regarding this policy, please contact us at (712) 225-5731.

We may collect information on domain names, dates and time of visits, and number of page views. This information contains no personal information. It is used only to keep track of usage of our site, and it will help us to continue to improve the overall value of our site. Visitor information is never sold, given, or discussed with third parties.

If you send us an email with your personal information to answer a quiz, submit a story, send a recipe, etc., we will respond to your email as appropriate. We may keep your email address for the purpose of sending information about the kid's section of our website or about North Star Community Credit Union. We will not sell, give, or share your personal information to, or with, any third party vendor or any other organization. We will not condition your participation in an activity on the provision of more personal information than is necessary for you to participate in the activity.

If you are a parent of a child whom has sent emails to us regarding items posted to our website, you have the right to review the information your child has sent to us. If we collect your child’s personal information for purposes of responding more than once to a specific request from your child, you have the right to refuse to permit further contact with your child and to require that we delete you child’s information.