Any person who lives or works in the following counties is eligible to join North Star Community Credit Union: Buena Vista County, Cherokee County, Clay County, Crawford County, Dickinson County, Ida County, Lyon County, Monona County, O'Brien County, Osceola County, Plymouth County, Sac County, Sioux County, and Woodbury County.

Full-family membership is encouraged. Once you have joined North Star Community Credit Union, you are eligible for all the services provided by the credit union, including saving and borrowing. “Once a member, always a member,” at North Star Community Credit Union.

To join North Star Community Credit Union you must provide:

  • Valid identification

  • A $5.00 minimum deposit to open your share savings account. The $5.00 represents your share in the credit union and establishes you as a member.

If you change your job, or move, it is not necessary to close your North Star Community Credit Union account(s). Convenient online and mobile access, ATM/debit card, and direct deposit make it easy to take advantage of our competitive rates and services no matter where you are located.